Widow Cast:  Widows Empowering Widows - How to Self Coach Through Grief

Ep 65 The Story We Tell Ourselves

October 1, 2017

I shared a free online workshop last week on one of the many tools I teach in my widow coaches certification course.  I had emailed out the introduction chapter of my next book, The Widow Coach, and received back so many wonderful responses that I wanted to share a tool with everyone.  On this episode, I am teaching this for my listeners that did not catch the free workshop.  It is all about how to understand what the true facts are in your life compared to the story your tell yourself about them.  I share how you can look at any incident making you feel bad to better understand how your thinking creates how you feel.  This is just one of the many tools and concepts I teach, but it is an important one.  If you are interested in the Widow Coaches Class, go to http://widowcoaches.com   You can also email me at Joann@JoannTheLifeCoach.com  

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