Widow Cast:  Widows Empowering Widows - How to Self Coach Through Grief

Ep 57: Faith - What it is and How to Implement it.

March 10, 2017

Faith.  It is an emotion.  It is a feeling.  It is a thought.  For some, acting with faith means to act in accordance to their belief of god.  That means, they are acting according to what they believe; and what we believe is *always* what we are thinking in our mind.  What if you are not devoutly religious?  Can you still act with faith?  Of course, you do it every day.  You act in alignment with your beliefs, which are formed by your thinking.  Today's podcast teaches how you can put faith into play in your life to get the results you seek.  Email Joann:  Joann@JoannTheLifeCoach.com  Website:  http://joannthelifecoach.com  Widowed:  http://bit.ly/Widowed  

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