Widow Cast:  Widows Empowering Widows - How to Self Coach Through Grief

Ep 51: Your Step-Children and In-Laws After Becoming Widowed

January 14, 2017

Did you marry when you were older and maybe he had grown kids from a prevrious marriage?  Or is it just your in laws that you now feel a little "estranged" from?  So often we think of those step-kids and grandkids as "his kids" and "his family" instead of our own family.  So we lose touch and lose any possible support from them.  It is our thinking that has gotten in our way of continuing those relationships - and just at a time when we need that bond more than ever.  Today's podcast talks about this and about how to reach out again.  Email me at joann@joannthelife.coach.com with feedback or if you want to find out more about the Widow Coaches Class.  You can find WIDOWED on Amazon at http://bit.ly/Widowed 

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