Widow Cast:  Widows Empowering Widows - How to Self Coach Through Grief

Ep 135 Widows Moving Forward

September 12, 2019

When widows are told, "Hey, you just need to move on," we find it very offensive.  It feels like we are being pushed to let go of our marriage, our spouse, and all those memories.  But asking widows what they need, many have told me they need to know how to move forward.  There's a distinctinction.  It is not leaving behind our grief and our spouse.  It is finding the ability to being to live our life again.  I share with you why that key "moving forward" is so hard for us, and how you can begin to take steps out of that stuck rut.  Reach out to me at Joann@JoannTheLifeCoach.com  Check out the subscription community at https://widowcoachingcenter.com