Ep 52: Widows - Don’t Check Out on Your Life

January 26, 2017

Don't be afraid to look at your life as it is right now - that is the starting point for deciding what new beliefs you might want to have about yourself and about your life.  When we hide from ourself by staying in a stuck place, it is a form of checking out on your life.  Widows and widowers even have a high rate of suicidal thoughts - the ultimate checking out on life.  Today I share how powerful it is to muster the courage to look at exactly where you are and what you need.  This podcast is brought to you by Joann The Life Coach Podcast Productions that also includes Weight Coach podcast and This is US podcast.  Joann Filomena is widowed, a professional certified life coach and author of the bestselling book, Widowed.  Email:  Joann@JoannTheLIfeCoach.com